S1E4: Motovlogging = Distracted Riding?

March 13th, 2018 · 1 hr 4 mins

About this Episode

As riders, we tend to look down upon distracted drivers as they are a danger to us. But is motovlogging its own form of distracted riding? Who do we believe can do it and when should they start? Join Amp'd, Jon and Bacon as they look at this subject from multiple angles.


-Aspen X-Games holds first ever Harley Davidson Snow Hill Climb
Snow Hill Climb Full Broadcast

-Is Motovlogging distracting?

-In what ways is it a distraction?

-In what ways isn't it?

-What good comes from it?

  1. Jon's Set-Up:

    • GoPro Hero 4 Sliver
    • EN187 Battery Eliminator Kit Kit Link
  2. Bacon's Set-Up:

    • Sena 10c Helmet Comm's and Camera
    • GoPro Hero 4 w/ Monfroto bar clamp
  3. Amp'd Moto's Set-Up:

    • Helmet cam: GoPro Hero 5 Black with external myCharge 10,000mah battery pack which stays in the internal jacket pocket.

Helmet Set-Up

 - Bar Cam: GoPro Hero 4 Black with Sena gp10 audio pack to record voice audio through the Sena 20s on the helmet. connected to external power through bike outlet. Mounted using a ram mount handlebar mount for GoPro cameras

Photo of Bar Mounted Camera

-Do some people abuse Motovlogging and become antagonistic just for views?